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Tuscan grape harvest: scent of autumn in the vineyards

“Autumn carries more gold in its pocket than all the other seasons.”

(Jim Bishop)

Autumn carries richness and an enveloping warmth; a riot of leaves colour the gray city streets, caressing the hill slopes and flooding the lanes of remote villages. Scents, flavours and the smell of damp soil, wetted by autumnal rain accompany us until December.

Walking through the fields and delighting in the mood of autumn makes the passing of this season even more enjoyable.

The grape harvest, chestnut baskets, handed down from generation to generation evoke deep-rooted memories that recall traditions from the past.

Erbario Toscano’s Royal Grape line is born from this Tuscan loam: a land of vineyards and nectar, soil of abundance, which in autumn dresses captivating colours and moods.

The Royal Grape line has been certified organic by the ICEA institute (Istituto Certificazione Etica e Ambientale) the most renowned European organization in the field controlling the ethical, social and environmental. Owing to the potent natural active principles of the grape seed, this line supports the restructuring of the skin epidermis such as collagen and reactivates the cellular biosynthetic process resulting in the toning up of the skin. Also preventing skin aging by protecting it from stress and external aggressions.

The sweet scent of grapes will transport you to the Tuscan countryside. Enjoy the  autumn!

Tuscia Berries

The passion of a land to relive on ones skin with its overwhelming fragrance

You can smell the aroma of berries picked in the woods, the rustle of trees caressed by the wind, fallen leaves trampled underfoot and the scent of earth dampened with frost.

And then the spicy note, inspiration of distant places, a trail of magical nights.

You perceive all this in Bacche di Tuscia, the new Erbario Toscano fragrance, born thanks to the charm of its native land which relives in the fruit, the essence of a place full of memories and incitements.

In its floral heart and in his fresh, fruity notes, it contains all the authenticity of a recollection that, in its intensity, revives and stimulates the future.

Top notes: fresh, fruity.
Middle notes: flowery, woody.
Base notes: flowery, oriental.

You can find the scent in all Erbario Toscano Boutiques, at the online shop and in dedicated stores; available both in 50 ml and 10 ml pocket version

profumo50 50ml – € 39profumo100 100ml – €52profumo10 10ml – €10


Elba’s Fig, the new essence of summer

To envelop the heart with fresh sensations

Close your eyes and imagine you are lying on a beach on the Tuscan coast, with the breeze caressing your skin and fresh water beneath your feet … Well, now that your mind is on holiday, it’s time to give your body the pleasure of being sprayed with Erbario Toscano’s new eau de parfum “Elba’s Fig”.

A fragrance where the explosion of freshness of the leaf meets the sweetness of the fruit, releasing a feeling of carefree positivity. The aroma of bitter almond and sandalwood evoke the tree in all its parts: leaves, fruit and trunk.

A fragrance that recalls its homeland and that brings back distant memories: children running and climbing fig trees, grandmothers preparing jam with freshly harvested fruits, the light breeze that rises at nightfall and the strong scent of the sea, endless and undefinable.

Fragrance pyramid
Top notes green, grassy.
Middle notes green, fruity, sweet.
Base notes fruity, woody.

You can find the scent in all Erbario Toscano Boutiques, at the online shop and in dedicated stores; available both in 50 ml and 10 ml pocket version

Enjoy your holidays!

Schermata 2015-07-23 alle 11.49.15 50ml – € 39Schermata 2015-07-23 alle 11.49.29 10ml – € 10

“Lucca Summer Festival: scent of music”


Erbario Toscano rewards the loyalty of its customers with the Top summer concerts 2015.

Until 30th June 2015, all those who purchase products for € 100 can take part participate in the prize draw “Lucca Summer Festival: scent of music” to win two tickets for the following dates:

– The timeless Elton John on July 11th
– The eccentric Robbie Williams on July 23rd
– The unpredictable Lenny Kravitz on July 26th

All singers will perform live on stage at Lucca, in Tuscany.

The natural and organic cosmetics of Erbario Toscano can be purchased on the online shop;
you can find facials, body care products, perfumes and scented creams.

What are you waiting for then? It will only take just a few minutes:

– Visit our official website
– Buy products for an amount not less than € 100 and go straight to the draw.

Fortune could just kiss you!

Read here all the informations and regulations >

Nature is in the air at Erbario Toscano this Spring

Renew your look and prepare the skin to face the upcoming season, it will be simple: just rely on a few beauty tricks.

Firstly, we must begin from perfume; abandon winter fragrances to leave way for fresh and floral scents.

A splash of Tuscan Spring will be sufficient to begin to soak in rural atmospheres: imagine spreads of lawn, on your favourite blanket, sipping a nice ice-cold lemonade and eating sandwiches prepared for the occasion tucked away in your picnic basket.

Alternatively, why not try Noble Violet? A fragrance that recalls the spontaneity of the flower from which it is extracted. A fresh scent, young and light, which has a delicate fruity aroma with hints of citrus: to use at every opportunity, to give you that little carefree feeling.

Finally, if you desire a classic, Rosewood, a fragrance derived from the “Queen of Flowers”, fresh and sweet, immediately recognizable by the flowery top note followed by the sweetness of honey and caramel. A fragrance that does not go unnoticed, to seduce, even in Spring.

So relax, begin a revolution in your beauty care, and savour the beautiful new season!

On the site there are also scents that never go out of fashion: the evergreen for each season.



Nature makes you beautiful, especially in Springtime!

From the beginning of March hopes are high that Spring will arrive soon and will intoxicate us with its scents preparing us to receive the first warm rays of the sun!

During this season it is crucial to correctly nourish the skin with delicate products, which don’t alter the natural pH. Natural and organic cosmetics, therefore, are our great ally.

But what are they? Arianna Fontana explains in brief in the article published in Glamour

The basis of the Organic concept is a product formulated with natural ingredients, from vegetal and organic extracts. An Organic product, therefore, has a so-called “green” INCI formulation. It does not contain petrolatum, colourants, PEG, silicones, paraffin, etc. These ingredients are in most of the cosmetics on the market, since ever. 

Organic products contain all the authenticity of the principles found in nature, maintaining the effectiveness of the formulation and offering comprehensive protection.

Here is our proposal for a natural beauty, conscious, ethical line: Royal Grape.

The entire line is certified ICEA, which guarantees quality of raw materials and ingredients selected in accordance with the procedures ECO-BIO. Thanks to the active natural, grape seed oil, it favours the reconstitution of the supporting structures of the epidermis, such as collagen. It also prevents the aging of the skin, protecting it from stress and external agents.

Enjoy the Spring!



Tell me which skin you have and I’ll tell you who you are

Everyday life, stress, weather and fatigue strain the skin; it is essential to learn to recognize its weaknesses and strengths.

Can you recognise different skin types? Here is how they are classified, according to their main features:

Normal skin – a skin that does not have any particular problems or sensitivity, and is homogeneous and compact;

Dry skin – may be due to dehydration or a low production of sebum (alipic skin) and the skin is fragile, cracked, delicate and often reddens easily;

Oily skin – shiny and greasy, oily skin is caused by excess sebum and is often accompanied by blacks spots and pimples;

Combination skin – oily on the forehead, nose and chin (the famous T zone) and dry on the cheeks and around the eyes;

Sensitive skin – thin and delicate, reddens easily and is prone to sunburn and rosacea

by alfemminile

Figuring out what is the ideal product is even more difficult, but once you find the right one, remain faithful to it. It gives that extra little dose of self-confidence that improves facing each day.

We, at Erbario Toscano, would like to assist you in the choice of the best product for you by offering you some of our best sellers.

Remember that cleansing, moisturising and constantly caring for your skin is the basis for a perfect complexion.

Challenge the mirror!


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