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Nature is in the air at Erbario Toscano this Spring

Renew your look and prepare the skin to face the upcoming season, it will be simple: just rely on a few beauty tricks.

Firstly, we must begin from perfume; abandon winter fragrances to leave way for fresh and floral scents.

A splash of Tuscan Spring will be sufficient to begin to soak in rural atmospheres: imagine spreads of lawn, on your favourite blanket, sipping a nice ice-cold lemonade and eating sandwiches prepared for the occasion tucked away in your picnic basket.

Alternatively, why not try Noble Violet? A fragrance that recalls the spontaneity of the flower from which it is extracted. A fresh scent, young and light, which has a delicate fruity aroma with hints of citrus: to use at every opportunity, to give you that little carefree feeling.

Finally, if you desire a classic, Rosewood, a fragrance derived from the “Queen of Flowers”, fresh and sweet, immediately recognizable by the flowery top note followed by the sweetness of honey and caramel. A fragrance that does not go unnoticed, to seduce, even in Spring.

So relax, begin a revolution in your beauty care, and savour the beautiful new season!

On the site there are also scents that never go out of fashion: the evergreen for each season.



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