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Luxury Home Fragrance Diffuser Sicily Citrus

New! Luxury Home Fragrance Diffuser Sicily Citrus  

Luxury Home Fragrance Diffuser Sicily Citrus

3.38 fl.oz – $ 30.00
8.45 fl.oz – $ 50.00
33.81 fl.oz – $ 140.00
Refill 8.45 fl.oz – $ 30.00


This citrus fragrance recalls the scents of the home land, ideal for an environment where the regenerating warmth of the sun is felt in every olfactory note, giving a sparkling and positive energy.

Directions For Use

Remove the stopper and dip the sticks into the product. Turn the sticks upside down in order to renew the fragrance.


Contains : Alcohol denat., Propylene glycol, Parfum ( fragrance ), Aqua ( Water), Citrus aurantinium dulcis oil, Citrale, Citrus medica limonum oil and 4-tert-butylcyclohexyl acetate.

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