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Luxury Home Fragrance Diffuser Lavender

New! Luxury Home Fragrance Diffuser Lavender  

Luxury Home Fragrance Diffuser Lavender

3.38 fl.oz – $ 30,00
8.45 fl.oz – $ 50,00
33.81 fl.oz – $ 140,00
Refill 8.45 fl.oz – $ 30,00


The fresh and relaxing lavender fragrance gives harmony and balance to the environment, taking the mind back to past time, reminding of ancient and pleasant habits on which to rest the senses.

Direction of use

Remove the cap and place the sticks in the bottle. Turn the sticks frequently to renew the fragrance.


Contains: Alcohol denat., Propylene glycol, Parfum ( fragrance ), Aqua ( Water), Geraniol, Cineole, d- Limonene, l-limonene, Lavandula Hybrid Oil e (-)-pin-2(3)-ene.

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