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Summer Festival Prize Draw

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Erbario Toscano rewards the loyalty of its customers with the Top summer concerts 2015.

Until 30th June 2015, all those who purchase products for $ 100 can take part in the prize draw “Lucca Summer Festival in Italy: scent of music” to win two tickets
for the following dates:

The timeless ELTON JOHN on July 11th
The eccentric ROBBIE WILLIAMS on July 23rd
The unpredictable LENNY KRAVITZ on July 26th

All singers will perform live on stage at Lucca, in Italy.

What are you waiting for then? It will only take just a few minutes:

1) Browse our lines on this site from the menu above.
2) Buy products for an amount not less than $ 100 and go straight to the draw.

Fortune could just kiss you!


All the information in the regulation:





AYMARA ITALIA S.R.L. – con sede legale in Camaiore, Frazione Capezzano Pianore, Via Ghivizzani n.61, C.F. 02157120466.


On-line purchases on websites “www.erbariotoscano.it, www.erbariotoscano.eu, www.erbariotoscano.com” brand product Erbario Toscano owned by promoter Aymara Italy srl, for a value of no less than $ 100.00.


Chance contest with final draw.


Participation: from 05/30/2015 to 06/30/2015

Final draw: By 07/02/2015


Web sites:


End consumers, domiciled in Italy, Europe or non-European countries, that – within the competition period – have purchased one or more products of the Erbario Toscano brand on websites “www.erbariotoscano.it, www.erbariotoscano.eu, www.erbariotoscano.com” of a value not less than $100.00 which participate in the allocation of six free tickets to the Summer Festival of Lucca up for grabs in the allocation modality of the award at the final draw of lots.


Users can take part in the competition after registering on the websites “www.erbariotoscano.it, www.erbariotoscano.eu, www.erbariotoscano.com” and after the purchase online of Erbario Toscano products worth no less than $ 100.

To correctly register on the above sites and for this competition, buyers will complete an online form with all the required personal details.

Mandatory data required for valid registration will be as follows: Name, Surname, and Email Address.

Lastly, for the valid registration, every user will necessarily accept the clause concerning the processing of personal data and the present rules.


Elton John

Robbie Williams

Lenny Kravitz

Note that:

Each user in case of multiple purchases cannot win more than one prize;

At the end of the competition, a single list will be prepared, which will include all participants that comply with the requirements for contest. This list will show the assigned number, the data of the participant, and the date of participation.

A special software, of which the promoter will provide expertise to the official delegate of the verbalization of extraction, which guarantees the causality, and the inability of double play, will extract from the list composed as above n°. three participants, who will be awarded the prizes as listed below, and n. 3 participants as reserves;

1 Extract: Winner of 2 free tickets for the Robbie Williams concert on July 23, 2015 at the Lucca Summer Festival 2015;

2nd Extract: Winner of 2 free tickets for the Lanny Kravitz concert on July 26, 2015 at the Lucca Summer Festival 2015;

3rd Extract: Winner of 2 free tickets for the Elton John concert on July 11, 2015 at the Lucca Summer Festival 2015;


The extraction via software and the awarding of the prize will take place in the presence of the control official at Fascetti Associati, Via Vespucci, 1 Viareggio (LU), Italy; by 07/02/2015


The total prize pool is € 308

and it consists of the following prizes:

N. 2 free tickets standing of the commercial value of EUR 70.00 each for the concert of Robbie Williams on July 23, 2015 at the Lucca Summer Festival 2015;

N. 2 free tickets standing of the commercial value of EUR 40.00 each for the concert Lanny Kravitz on July 26, 2015 at the Lucca Summer Festival 2015;

N. 2 free tickets standing of the commercial value of EUR 44.00 each for the Elton John concert on July 11, 2015 at the Lucca Summer Festival 2015;

The total prize pool is therefore indicative of the competition of Euro 308.00 on which is added a special Tesoreria dello Stato caution money n. 2339124 5621469 000425904, 05/12/2015.

Prizes are not exchangeable, nor variable, nor redeemable in cash or discounts on supplies, nor the opportunity for the winners to apply, with or without the addition of money, to receive different prizes.


The prizewinners will be informed directly of the win by email confirmation at the address given at time of registration which will inform on the acceptance and withdrawal of the prize. The winners will be required to submit within 12 hours after receipt of the confirmation email, the acceptance of the prize by email to the promoter the following email address fascettiassociati@pec.it, later they can pick up their prize directly at the ticket office of the Summer Festival of Lucca, precisely in Lucca – ITA, via San Girolamo, from 7.30pm on the day of the concert for the award won by producing:

– The email confirmation of the prize winning;

– The email of acceptance of the prize;

– A valid ID;

It is admitted to delegate the collection of the ticket prior written authorization and the transfer to third parties of the award in writing to be shown at the ticket office for collection, together with the documentation mentioned above.

The Company Promoter assumes no responsibility in the event of any of the following conditions: The mailbox of a winner proves full; The e-mail address indicated by the participant when registering the product does not exist, is incorrect or incomplete; There is no response from the host computer after the e-mail notification of the win; The mailbox of a winner proves disabled; The e-mail specified at registration is in a blacklist.


Together with the extraction of the winners, 3 Participants reserve names will be drawn, which will be contacted only in the case of it is not possible to award the prizes to the winning names for the unavailability or non-acceptance of the prizewinners.

Prizes not awarded to the winners will be awarded to reserve names in order of extraction.


Prizes not claimed or not assigned, unlike those rejected, will be donated to T.I.A.M.O. Viareggio (LU) ITA, via Roma n. 27 – codice fiscale 02177430465.


The processing of personal data obtained through participation in the competition, will be in full compliance with Legislative Decree 196/2003 and only for purposes related to the contest operations.

The data of the participants will also be communicated to the officer who will attend the awards as well as the staff at the ticket office of the Summer Festival of Lucca to manage the withdrawal of prizes.

Taking part in the competition implies the total and unconditional acceptance of the rules and provisions contained in this Regulation without limitation


Participation in the competition is free, except for the normal cost of Internet connection;

The company Promoter assumes no responsibility for any access problem, impediment, malfunction or difficulties concerning technical instruments, computer, telephone line, transmission and connection, Internet connection that may prevent a competitor to enter the competition.


The collection server and management of all data relating to the prize event is based in Italy.

The promoter is willing to provide the Public Administration, on request, the database regarding the prize event.


The advertisements that communicate the competition will be consistent with these Rules.

The complete rules will be available on the website of the competition


This Sweepstakes is conducted in compliance with Presidential Decree October 26, 2001, n. 430 and according to the instructions provided in Circolare 28 March 2002 n. 1 / AMTC the Ministry of Economic Development (formerly the Ministry of Productive Activities).

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