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Tell me which skin you have and I’ll tell you who you are

Everyday life, stress, weather and fatigue strain the skin; it is essential to learn to recognize its weaknesses and strengths.

Can you recognise different skin types? Here is how they are classified, according to their main features:

Normal skin – a skin that does not have any particular problems or sensitivity, and is homogeneous and compact;

Dry skin – may be due to dehydration or a low production of sebum (alipic skin) and the skin is fragile, cracked, delicate and often reddens easily;

Oily skin – shiny and greasy, oily skin is caused by excess sebum and is often accompanied by blacks spots and pimples;

Combination skin – oily on the forehead, nose and chin (the famous T zone) and dry on the cheeks and around the eyes;

Sensitive skin – thin and delicate, reddens easily and is prone to sunburn and rosacea

by alfemminile

Figuring out what is the ideal product is even more difficult, but once you find the right one, remain faithful to it. It gives that extra little dose of self-confidence that improves facing each day.

We, at Erbario Toscano, would like to assist you in the choice of the best product for you by offering you some of our best sellers.

Remember that cleansing, moisturising and constantly caring for your skin is the basis for a perfect complexion.

Challenge the mirror!


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