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Elba’s Fig, the new essence of summer

To envelop the heart with fresh sensations

Close your eyes and imagine you are lying on a beach on the Tuscan coast, with the breeze caressing your skin and fresh water beneath your feet … Well, now that your mind is on holiday, it’s time to give your body the pleasure of being sprayed with Erbario Toscano’s new eau de parfum “Elba’s Fig”.

A fragrance where the explosion of freshness of the leaf meets the sweetness of the fruit, releasing a feeling of carefree positivity. The aroma of bitter almond and sandalwood evoke the tree in all its parts: leaves, fruit and trunk.

A fragrance that recalls its homeland and that brings back distant memories: children running and climbing fig trees, grandmothers preparing jam with freshly harvested fruits, the light breeze that rises at nightfall and the strong scent of the sea, endless and undefinable.

Fragrance pyramid
Top notes green, grassy.
Middle notes green, fruity, sweet.
Base notes fruity, woody.

You can find the scent in all Erbario Toscano Boutiques, at the online shop and in dedicated stores; available both in 50 ml and 10 ml pocket version

Enjoy your holidays!

Schermata 2015-07-23 alle 11.49.15 50ml – € 39Schermata 2015-07-23 alle 11.49.29 10ml – € 10

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