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Nature is in the air at Erbario Toscano this Spring

Renew your look and prepare the skin to face the upcoming season, it will be simple: just rely on a few beauty tricks. Firstly, we must begin from perfume; abandon winter fragrances to leave way for fresh and floral scents.
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Nature makes you beautiful, especially in Springtime!

From the beginning of March hopes are high that Spring will arrive soon and will intoxicate us with its scents preparing us to receive the first warm rays of the sun! During this season it is crucial to correctly nourish
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Tell me which skin you have and I’ll tell you who you are

Everyday life, stress, weather and fatigue strain the skin; it is essential to learn to recognize its weaknesses and strengths. Can you recognise different skin types? Here is how they are classified, according to their main features: Normal skin –
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