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Tuscia Berries

The passion of a land to relive on ones skin with its overwhelming fragrance

You can smell the aroma of berries picked in the woods, the rustle of trees caressed by the wind, fallen leaves trampled underfoot and the scent of earth dampened with frost.

And then the spicy note, inspiration of distant places, a trail of magical nights.

You perceive all this in Bacche di Tuscia, the new Erbario Toscano fragrance, born thanks to the charm of its native land which relives in the fruit, the essence of a place full of memories and incitements.

In its floral heart and in his fresh, fruity notes, it contains all the authenticity of a recollection that, in its intensity, revives and stimulates the future.

Top notes: fresh, fruity.
Middle notes: flowery, woody.
Base notes: flowery, oriental.

You can find the scent in all Erbario Toscano Boutiques, at the online shop and in dedicated stores; available both in 50 ml and 10 ml pocket version

profumo50 50ml – € 39profumo100 100ml – €52profumo10 10ml – €10


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